Incarcerated – a tech poem

I try to stretch your life to get a glimpse, detail.  Two pinched fingers on the glass, zooming.  Checking for signs of life.  There is no pulse, but you smile.  No breath, but there are words.  The voice is unfamiliar.  Flat.  It sings without music.  It laughs without laughter.  Strange.  Dead.  Masking the quick of your spirit, you hide.  I am hidden too.

A color flashes outside of the screen.  I am distracted from the world for a trice, but my eyes are rooted.  I am relieved. I am liked. Approved. Worthy of your gaze.  I have broken caste.  Verified.  Abandoned.   I speak panic, but my voice is unfamiliar in the sameness of all.  Humanity recurrently approves.  We live for another moment.  The color returns.  Signaling that I am adrift.  My eyes move beyond the world.  I see the stars.  The celestial memories are fleeting and bitter.  There is pain.  I lust for the stars but we are enshrined in the world.  Fetters hold me.

We must live.